Thin Nylon Headband With Lined Buckle - Beige
Lox Lion

Thin Nylon Headband With Lined Buckle - Beige

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Every little princess is entitled to her crown! At Lox Lion, we make it our business!

The adorable thin nylon headband with lined bow for babies and children will enhance your cocotte's natural beauty and get her all the compliments she deserves!

Chic and timeless, it effortlessly transforms everyday outfits into perfect looks for a photo shoot, professional or impromptu!

Its solid headband and the great softness of the nylon make it easy to install, but above all to hold this hair accessory in place, which is too cute on the heads of toddlers! It can also be used as an elastic to embellish any tired bun or sad ponytail in no time!