Light Grey Grip Socks - 4 pairs

Light Grey Grip Socks - 4 pairs

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Our grip socks were created as a premium product to support your child as they begin to explore their mobility until you just can't keep up with them! Parents love these toddler socks with grips because they're safe, durable, and extremely comfortable.

We have sizes ranging from those for infants taking their first steps, to toddlers starting to run around the house, all the way up to older kids who like to rumble, tumble, and even jump on trampolines (which our grippers are naturally great for!).

4 pairs of Light Grey grip socks. 78% cotton, 20% polyester, 2% spandex.

Our socks fit most children wearing the shoe sizes noted below.

Age Shoe Size
12-24 months 4-6
2-4 years 6-10
4-6 years 10-13.5
6-8 years 13.5-3